The Firm is principally a litigation law firm. Its litigation services cover virtually all branches of law. The firm’s areas of practice include the following:


    Company and Commercial Law:

    This is a major department in the Firm. There are seven lawyers whose postgraduate work was in this area of law. The areas of practice include: General Practice, Corporate Finance, Joint Ventures, Partnership, Public Issues, Mergers and Acquisitions, Privatization, Investment, Stock Brokerage, Taxation, Debt Recovery, Arbitration Matters, Receivership and other Insolvency Procedures, Intellectual Property and other related matters.


    Admiralty/Maritime Law:

    This department renders consultancy services and undertakes litigation in admiralty or maritime matters. It offers advice to owners, chatterers, Shippers, Consignees, Insurers, Towage Companies, Sailors, Suppliers of goods to ship and all related maritime issues


    Oil and Gas Law:

    This department handles all legal matters relating to oil and gas business transactions including, but not limited to, regulatory matters, oil and gas contracts, etc.


    Civil Law:

    The Firm handles cases relating to employment, Landlord and Tenant, Professional and Medical Negligence, Disciplinary Hearings, Arbitration, Major Enquiries, Building and Engineering.


    Family and Matrimonial Law:

    This is a department which handles all areas of matrimonial law and provides advice on divorce, injunctions, custody and maintenance of children as well as matters relating to family property, wills and inheritance.


    Civil Liberties/Public Law and Trade Unionism:

    The department renders advice in all areas touching on public bodies and handles cases challenging the decision of government and other public bodies. The firm has handled several Trade Union cases including the most sensational and contentious Trade Union cases of 2003 and 2004.


    Constitutional Law:

    Over the years, the Firm has developed a special expertise and varied practice in constitutional law matters as well as in administrative and regulatory law. It handles litigation relating to the interpretation of the Constitution, Human Rights Abuses, Privatization and Government Regulations. It represents a wide range of private and public sector clients before both federal and state regulatory and administrative agencies. Since the return of civilian government in 1999, it has represented the federal government in over 25 constitutional cases.


    Election Petitions:

    The firm is the leading authority in election matters. Over the years it has handled hundred of election petitions throughout the length and breadth of Nigeria. With the advent of civil government in 1999, the firm has admirably represented the President in the numerous petitions filed against him and the Vice President, winning all the cases.


    Property Law:

    This Department specializes in all types of industrial, commercial and real estate transactions.


    International Law and Practice:

    The Department handles international arbitration cases and international business transactions and immigration matters. It offers a wide range of services to Embassies and personnel of Embassies.


    Appeals and Appellate Practice:

    The Appeals Department is supervised by three Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN) including Aare Afe Babalola, SAN, himself. The Firm takes over many cases at the appeal level. It handles appeals in all appellate courts in Nigeria.


    Consultancy and Advisory Services:

    1. Incorporation and Registration of various business undertakings (companies, partnerships, trade names, associations, clubs, etc.)
    2. Drafting, interpretation, management and engrossment of various banking documents including (but not limited to) debentures, guarantees, mortgage deeds, bonds, indemnities, loans syndication, documentation of release and surrender.
    • Searches, preparation, documentation and perfection of conveyances and other related documents including leases, assignment and Power of Attorney, Deeds of Discharge and documentation of land transactions
    1. Advice on Insurance law and practice.
    2. Preparation and filing of Companies Annual Returns, Reports as required by the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA)
    3. Various aspects of trade protection, restriction and licensing arrangement, including registration of designs, trademarks, patents and copyright.
    • Acting as arbitrators in cases of commercial and industrial disputes, and attendance at annual general meetings of companies as proxies, etc.
    • Consultants on labour and labour relations laws, arbitration and practice.
    1. Consultants to press law and practice.
    2. Preparation, interpretation and management of international contract agreements.
    3. Instituting or defending of civil litigation in all ramifications in all courts.
    • Prosecuting or defending clients in criminal and other matters.
    • Accompanying clients as solicitors to business meetings.
    • General Consultancy.
    1. Advice on government regulations as they affect business in Nigeria.
    • Debt recovery and collection by due process of law.
    • Advice on legal issues arising out of transactions (business or commercial) of companies, individuals and partnership.
    • Consultants in insolvency, mergers and acquisitions.
    • Banking and Estates.
    1. Advising on and Drafting of Wills and Trusts.
    • Real Estate acquisition.



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